Summary Types & Explanations

Summary Types

Summarify provides four distinct methods for summarizing YouTube videos: Simple, Detailed, Bullet Points, and Answer Question.

Once you've shared a video with Summarify, you can quickly generate a simple summary by pressing the "Summarify" button. You have the flexibility to adjust this default option in the settings. Alternatively, if you prefer a different summary style, tap the "Options" button and select your preferred summary type.

After a summary is completed, you can choose to create another summary by tapping the "Summarify Menu" button located at the bottom of the summary.

The FAQ section below offers explanations for each type of summary.

Simple Summary

The "Simple Summary" option delivers a brief overview of the chosen video. This serves as the default summary type, usually consisting of a single paragraph, and it is also the fastest method.

Simple Summary Example

Detailed Summary

The "Detailed Summary" offers an in-depth recap of the chosen video. This summary comprises multiple paragraphs, each with a timestamp corresponding to the relevant segment of the video.

Detailed Summary Example

Bullet Point Summary

The "Bullet Point Summary" presents a concise list of bullet points summarizing the selected video. Typically, it generates around 10 bullet points, which may vary based on the video's length. Each bullet point is accompanied by a timestamp referencing the relevant part of the video.

Bullet Point Summary Example

Answer Question

The "Answer Question" summary will make an attempt to answer the question posed in the title of the YouTube video. This approach serves to counteract clickbait or misleading videos and is most effective when the video title consists solely of a question.

Answer Question Summary Example