I Spent $40,000 to Unbox a Sealed Original iPhone!

Marques Brownlee • 7.3m views • 00:13

00:01 In the collector world, factory-sealed original iPhones are highly sought after, with unopened ones being extremely rare and valuable.

01:22 Scammers reseal used iPhones as original, leading to people getting scammed.

02:41 Unopened 1st gen iPhones are becoming rarer, with prices at auctions fluctuating.

04:01 The YouTuber won an unopened original iPhone at an auction for $40,000.

05:21 The YouTuber wonders how to verify the phone's authenticity.

06:42 The unboxing reveals slight imperfections in the packaging, but the phone seems brand new.

08:03 Inside, the package contains original accessories and paperwork.

09:23 The iPhone does not turn on, but it is believed to be legitimately unopened based on various factors.

10:43 After further testing, it is confirmed that the iPhone is unopened, and some unique features of the original iPhone are discovered.

12:04 The iPhone's value is now dramatically less than the purchase price.

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