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Introducing Summarify AI for YouTube, a powerful iOS app that utilizes ChatGPT to provide quick and easy summaries of YouTube videos. With features like a convenient share extension, multiple summary styles, clickable timestamps, and various export options, Summarify enhances the video consumption experience. The app is free to download, but users can unlock unlimited summaries by subscribing to the Pro plan for $4.99 USD per month or $34.99 USD per year.

About Summarify AI for YouTube:

Summarify AI for YouTube is an innovative iOS app designed to revolutionize the way users consume YouTube videos. With the power of ChatGPT, Summarify empowers users to obtain concise and accurate summaries of their favorite videos effortlessly. Whether users prefer to summarize directly within the app or utilize the convenient share extension from the YouTube app, Summarify streamlines the summarization process for a seamless experience.

Key Features:

  • Share Extension: Summarify provides a share extension, allowing users to summarize YouTube videos directly from within the YouTube app. With just a few taps, users can generate a summary without switching between apps, saving time and effort.

  • Multiple Summary Styles: Summarify offers flexibility by providing users with multiple summary styles. Users can choose between short, long, or bullet point summaries, catering to individual preferences and information needs.

  • Clickable Timestamps: Summaries generated by Summarify are enhanced with timestamps that are linked to the corresponding points in the video. This feature enables users to easily navigate to specific sections of interest by simply tapping on the timestamp, enhancing the overall video viewing experience.

  • Export/Share in Multiple Formats: Summarify understands the value of accessibility and convenience. Users can export and share their summaries in various formats, including PDF, markdown, and raw text. This flexibility enables users to seamlessly integrate their summaries into different workflows and share them with others.


Summarify AI for YouTube can be downloaded for free from the App Store. Users can enjoy a limited number of free summaries to experience the app's capabilities. For unlimited access to summaries, users can subscribe to the Pro plan, which is available for $4.99 USD per month or $34.99 USD per year. The Pro subscription unlocks the full potential of Summarify, ensuring users have access to unlimited summaries whenever they need them.

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