Summarify: AI for YouTube
Welcome to Summarify, the ultimate iOS app for effortless video summarization! With Summarify, you can quickly condense YouTube videos into concise summaries using advanced AI technology.
Summarise Without Leaving YouTube
Quickly summarize any YouTube video without leaving the app, using Summarify's innovative share extension.
Just share any video with Summarify to get an instant summary.
Yes! It's that easy!
Customizable Summary Styles
With Summarify, you have the freedom to choose from a range of summary styles tailored to your preferences. Whether you prefer a simple, straightforward summary, concise bullet points, or a detailed breakdown of key points, Summarify has you covered.
Video Timestamps
But that's not all – Summarify goes the extra mile to enhance your video summarization experience. Each summary includes timestamps linked directly to the corresponding moments in the video. This invaluable feature allows you to effortlessly navigate through the video and dive deeper into specific sections of interest.
Say goodbye to searching through lengthy videos for that one crucial piece of information – with Summarify, it's just a click away.
Chapter & Custom Summaries
Chapter Summaries
Say goodbye to lengthy video content! Get concise summaries of the main points covered in the video, making it easier for you to grasp the key concepts, with a simple tap of a chapter.
Custom Selections
Personalize your video summaries like never before! Our app now enables you to select custom parts of videos and create tailored summaries based on your preferences. Whether you want to focus on specific sections or skip unrelated content, this feature puts you in control.
Video Searching
Now you can easily search for YouTube videos and discover key moments within them. With a simple tap, you can play the videos or view the transcript to quickly find the information you need.
Time Savings Tracker
With this feature, users can easily keep tabs on how much time they've saved by using Summarify to summarize YouTube videos instead of watching them in full. The Time Savings Tracker provides users with a real-time tally of the minutes and hours they've reclaimed from their busy schedules.
And to add a touch of fun and inspiration, the Time Savings Tracker also offers engaging suggestions on how users can make the most of their newfound free time. Whether it's learning a new skill, enjoying a hobby, or simply relaxing, Summarify empowers users to take charge of their time and make it count!
Don't believe it? Check out all the time saved by Summarify users here.
Export Summaries
Our innovative app not only generates text summaries of YouTube videos using cutting-edge AI, but it also offers seamless exporting options in multiple formats. Whether you prefer PDF, Markdown (MD), or plain text (TXT), Summarify has got you covered. Now you can effortlessly save and share your video summaries in the format that best suits your needs.
Download Transripts
Transcripts at your fingertips! Now, you can download transcripts in multiple formats. Whether you prefer PDF, TXT, XML, or another compatible format, our app gives you the flexibility to save and access transcripts conveniently.
Powered By ChatGPT & OpenAI
Summarify app powered by ChatGPT and OpenAI. With the combined prowess of advanced language models and state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Summarify revolutionizes the way you consume video content.
By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, Summarify employs a sophisticated understanding of language to generate accurate and coherent summaries of YouTube videos. Our app harnesses the capabilities of OpenAI's groundbreaking technology to ensure the highest quality and precision in summarization.
App Store Reviews
Brilliant AI summaries that save me hours - Expound
I used to waste so much time on YouTube. But now I whip through great content in minutes extracting all the fundamentals. Seriously useful.
Saves time - Explorer
This is my new go to app for saving time primarily with YouTube videos. It allows me to get an overview of a video before deciding if it’s worth my time watching the whole thing. It also allows me to quickly extract the high-points and information I need from videos.
Very useful - M. Sh.
This tool saves time, read a summary to decide if a video is worth watching.