I Spent $40,000 to Unbox a Sealed Original iPhone!

Marques Brownlee • 5.6m views • 00:13

0h 0m The most sought-after piece of tech in the collector world is the factory sealed, unopened, original iPhone. It is extremely rare to find one that has never been opened or touched by human hands. Scammers often reseal used iPhones and sell them as originals, tricking buyers into spending thousands of dollars. Only about 6 million first-generation iPhones were sold, making unopened ones even more valuable as their numbers decrease over time. The value of these iPhones has peaked recently, with one selling for over $60,000 at an auction in February.

0h 1m The speaker of the video won an auction for an unopened original iPhone with a Lucky You sticker for $40,000. The auction was a live-streamed event where participants could bid from anywhere in the world. The speaker placed the minimum bid of $32,000 and won the auction. The rest of the price included sales tax, bidding premium, and shipping. The video is sponsored by the speaker's wallet, which is available for purchase.

0h 4m The speaker opens the crate containing the unopened iPhone and questions how to verify if it is truly brand new and untouched. The auction website showed x-rays of the phone, confirming that the accessories are in the box, but not if they are untouched. Opening the packaging reveals a slightly worn box with a Lucky You sticker. The speaker mentions some unique features of the original iPhone, such as the lack of an app store and the inability to set a wallpaper.

0h 7m The speaker removes the plastic wrap and examines the contents of the box. The iPhone appears to be brand new, and the accessories are still sealed. The speaker finds a microfiber cloth, documents, and a dock inside the box. The dock is also brand new. The speaker tries to turn on the iPhone, but it doesn't boot up, which is expected due to its age.

0h 11m The speaker concludes that the iPhone is indeed an unopened original based on the condition of the shrink wrap and the difficulty in getting past the iTunes boot screen. The original brick and cable did not initially charge the iPhone, but replacing the brick solved the issue. The speaker also discovers a large SIM card included with the iPhone. The video ends with the speaker acknowledging that the iPhone's value has decreased since the purchase but expressing satisfaction with the acquisition.

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